Gabriel Tiamo

The Private Memoirs from a Chinese Love Agency

The Private Memoirs from a Chinese Love Agency is a true story about seeking love over the Internet. Not the X-rated kind, but a true and lasting love with a foreign pen pal. Author Gabriel Tiamo works in a gold mine over a thousand miles from Perth, Australia, where he lives. He works two weeks and then has one week of R&R. His job is hot and dusty work, but he likes it and the guys he works with are friendly. Besides, “The food is just out of this world!” His donga, where he sleeps, is a one-bedroom motel with all the modern conveniences. The only luxury missing is a woman, since his partner died two years ago, and left a big hole in his life. Gabriel believes it’s time to move on, so he decides to join a Chinese love agency. He looks forward every night to getting back to his donga and cranking up his computer to see how many ladies have written him. The story follows him on a candid journey when he goes to China to visit one special lady, and the book also includes the mail that is written to him from the ladies in China. Learn how the author sees himself, the world, and women. It’s also a story of a person looking for a partner in the twilight years of his life.
100 printed pages



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    Ирина Осипенкоhas quoted2 years ago
    Every night I dream of a place that is so beautiful that even the birds never sleep, and listening to the beautiful harmonizing of their chirping is something that is to be heard and to be believed.
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