G.S. Luthra

College Exposed

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How Four-Year Universities are Ripping off Students with WORTHLESS Degrees that are Ridiculously Over-Priced, Leaving them with & MASSIVE DEBT!

Why Attending Community College and Smaller No-Name Schools will Save You a Ton of Time and Money While Dramatically Increasing Your Chances for Success

If you were like me, you went to or are currently in college because it's where everyone told you to go to be successful. You had no choice, but have you ever doubted the promise of higher education? I know I did while I sat through boring classroom lectures. I never wanted to go to college, primarily because to me, it was high school part two, and I was right! I'm here to warn you today about the false promises of higher education.

WAIT…I'm Not Suggesting You To Quit School!

On the contrary, what I'm advocating is to strategize your education by majoring in that which you naturally excel at giving you needed skills to maximize career prospects. Life is a gamble, but by making some simple changes in your academic approach, you improve your odds greatly.

In this book, you'll learn:
Lies colleges tell you all the time, but you never realizeWhy the costs of college will continue to riseSecrets that big-name universities hide from studentsWhy college may soon become obsolete, many signs can already be seenWhich majors have high prospects & which majors to avoid like the plagueHow to deal with college stress and lifeHow to reduce costs and save moneyWhy community college is an underrated goldmineWhy you should never live on campus & How living off campus SAVES YOU A TON OF MONEY!Why you should never ever live with roommatesHow to plan your academic career correctlyHow to choose the right professorsHow to minimize or even eliminate debtTricks to graduate fasterReduce the stress of collegeChoosing the right professors while avoiding the bad onesThe most common mistakes students make and how to avoid them

Education is about growth, not regurgitating textbook information. For the cost of a frappuccino, you can read this now and avoid the same mistakes I did.
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