Imara Moses

Lift Her Up

“This marriage was awful. I was in a deep dark pit with no way out.”

Lift Her Up is an inspirational must-read for anyone who is lost in the confusion of a toxic relationship, divorce, or stuck with the negative emotions and self-doubts that remain after their romantic relationship fails.

This empowering memoir is the harrowing account of a strong Black woman's abusive marriage and subsequent divorce. Dr. Imara Moses completed medical school, served in the U.S. Air Force, and became an Ivy League graduate while raising two sons, as she overcame physical and emotional abuse, broke generational challenges in the African American community, and raised her sons in a loving and thriving environment.

Based on true events, Lift Her Up is the moving story of a young single mother navigating the difficulty of a toxic relationship and domestic abuse, while attempting to stay true to her spiritual devotion and struggling to prevent her beloved sons from entering the cycle of destruction that is common in families that experience the stress and adversity of abuse, divorce, and fatherlessness.

“I have broken a generational curse and set my sons free to grow up into men that love God, their families, and themselves. That to me is triumph. I am writing the book to give hope to others who are in similar situations.”
— Dr. Imara Moses
264 printed pages
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