Mateo Ajax

Chosen One's

A legacy of teenagers who are marked and chosen, facing themselves and the fate of death. In discovery, their abilities enhance and grow, the secrets damage, the horrific lies, and the uneasy truth destroys families. Centuries ago, an ancient dark witch, whose bloodline with relation to the legacy, has been summoned from the dead. As a result, her anger and hatred for them births a tremendous battle full of bloodshed that will change the course of time.

My name is Auhmein Green and I am 19 yrs old. I am born in the state of North Carolina and the city of Greenville. One of my dreams and reality is to become an Author who steps beyond the normal texture of writing. A person who is thrill to see actioon, to stretch and challenge imaginations. Including extreme creativity, action, mystery, secrets etc. I enjoy writing and reading fiction, mysteries, fantasy, mythology.
148 printed pages
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