Eva Harmon


Have you ever experienced the rush that comes with dominating your sexual partner?

Have you ever experienced the power trip you get with submitting your sexual partner to your will?

Have you ever experienced the adrenaline you get with seeing your sexual partner helpless while begging you for mercy?

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction that comes with reducing your sexual partner to a quivering coward?

If you can relate to these questions, then it’s time you explored your darker side. In this book, we are going to explore the world of FEMDOM and how you can take your naturally dominant side and transform yourself into a powerful mistress. With the information presented in this book, you will get an introduction into the world of FEMDOM and how you can turn your man into dust.

For a lot of gals out there, this is the ultimate fantasy. There is nothing more stimulating and gratifying than to see your partner tied up, beating, and subdued. In fact, the rush of power that comes from having your partner completely helpless is incredibly difficult to beat.

In this volume you will learn about:

The world and FEMDOM and how you can become a powerful mistress without much difficulty

How to train your male subs so that they are reduced into a shaking maggot

The ways in which you can set up your personal domain to reflect your dominant personality

The types of outfits you can wear to suit your taste and personal style

The ways in which you can subject your male subs to excruciating torture and humiliation

The use of props and devices which you can put to good use during your FEMDOM scenes and encounters

The use of chairs and tables in your domination scenes

How you can use bathroom play to really take things up a notch while reducing your sub to nothing

How to use torture effectively especially as a means of punishment

Cuckoldry and other humiliation tactics

… and so much more!

So, if you have been thinking about unleashing your dark side, then there is no time like the present. If you are into BDSM, you will find that this book covers this topic extensively. In fact, we’ll give you so many ideas; you won’t even know where to begin.

We know that you are eager to get started with your FEMDOM fantasies. We are also sure that there are plenty of men out there who are eager to be your submissive slaves. So, why not oblige? Make them your slaves by pummeling them into submission.

Do you know what the best part is?

They’ll keep coming back for more. Your subs will be so thrilled by the tactics you have for them, that they won’t be able to stay away. In fact, don’t be surprised if you get requests from multiple subs.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started in the world of FEMDOM today! A word of caution though: once you cross the threshold, you won’t be able to go back…
118 printed pages
Original publication
Tony Bennis



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