Living Waters: Baptism – From His Heart Through Ours, James Lindemann
James Lindemann

Living Waters: Baptism – From His Heart Through Ours

Baptism. Simple – and yet a most powerful and far-reaching action. Indeed, it overflows with a range of blessings within a new relationship with the Creator of the universe. We receive Grace and Mercy, and God’s Glory; we have His seal and “earnest” to confirm His promises, and are authorized to be Jehovah’s “Image” – His representatives – to this cosmos. We are adopted as children in God’s Family, made members within Christ’s Body, placed into His Bride (the Church), become citizens of His Kingdom, and are His priests to His Creation. We are born again, become new creations, are raised to be temples of the Holy Spirit, and bear the fruit of the Spirit. We are valued for the individuals we are and have our place as our Lord does His work through us in our world. This relationship is from God’s heart, He yearns to have with all humans, from infant to the aged. All we do is to have applied “the Water with the Word” in faith. And it is enough.
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