M.M. Le Blanc


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This 6-time award-winning trilogy of historical fiction is based on the true story of French nobility and commoners who settled in French New World territory of Acadia, which later became British-ruled Nova Scotia, and the engaged couple torn apart just before their wedding who must search the world for each other to realize their destiny.
The author based this saga on her ancestors which she traced to 9th century France, and she used her genealogical records and oral family histories to weave history, political intrigue, mystery, and international adventure with historical personages and fictional characters. The story of Evangeline was written in 1847 as a tragedy by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but this story sets the record straight as to what actually happened, using period diaries, letters and other archival materials as the basis for dialogue and action among the heroes, heroines and villains of this must-read trilogy.
Before Jamestown, the Pilgrims, and the American Colonies, came the New World settlement of Acadia by France in 1604. The Acadian town of Grand Pré is an insulated world of beautiful trees abundant harvests and affluent French residents at peace with their world and their allies, the Mi'Kmaq First Nation.
Star-crossed lovers, Evangeline Le Blanc de Verdure and Gabriel Mius d'Entremont are to be married hen two events change their lives forever — a British officer is found dead but Evangeline must say nothing to protect her honor; and Evangeline's fiancé Gabriel and father Lord René, Royal Consul to French King Louis XV, are imprisoned for “treason” as resistance leaders against the British.
Their idyllic life begins to crumble around them when in 1755, violating a peace treaty between England and France, British King George II issues an Edict to deport the Acadians forever by separating families and forcing them into animal cargo ships bound for destinations unknown in the New World, Europe and the Caribbean. Evangeline's innocence shattered, she must choose between life without her love or possible death for defying British orders.
This is the final volume and the exciting conclusion in this historical fiction trilogy about the French Acadian Exile and unparalleled saga of the star-crossed lovers Evangeline and Gabriel torn apart during the Acadian Exile by England. Beginning in October 1755 after the British have begun their unlawful Exile of the Acadian men, Evangeline and Gabriel are forcibly separated as are other French Acadian couples and families. Their journey will take them from the New World of Acadia (now Nova Scotia) to England and France, then back to the British Colonies where their very lives are threatened.
Evangeline and Gabriel and their families are at risk in a game of political intrigue, murder and espionage set against the glamour and adventure of 18th century Versailles, London and Acadia. Will their courage, faith and passion overcome threats to their very survival, or will they find their paradise stolen?
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