Under the Shade of Grace, Amber Desiree Dunleavey
Amber Desiree Dunleavey

Under the Shade of Grace

The Bible says that God met with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, walking and talking with them each day as friends. It was natural conversation flowing easily between God and His creation. But in this garden, we also find Satan casting his shadows of doubt upon man’s heart; the same shadows of doubt that still plague our minds today that leave us wondering: Did God really speak to me? Can I really know Him as friend? If you are tired of living under these dark shadows of doubt, then it’s time to step into the glorious light of communion with God through Spirit-directed prayer journaling. Through sharing some of her most meaningful conversations with God, Amber Desiree Dunleavey will stir your heart to be more aware of God’s voice, to be confident in conversational prayer, and to deepen communion with Him through your own journey of listening to His voice through journaling.
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