Zoë Hickerson

Waiting for Spring

This book is a selection of creative writings from the darkness of burnout, depression and learning to walk into the light again. Many are self-reflective and a deep learning experience about situations I had not dealt with in the past. It's the third book I have written and it is a continuation of my journey, as we all know recovery isn't just a quick fix, it is multi layered. These are my multi layers!

Since the age of seven Zoë had always wanted to be a nurse. Zoë was born in Germany, she grew up in various places around the world, including Hong Kong when it was under British rule. Originally from the UK. It wasn't until she stumbled into a large group home for people with learning disabilities in Missouri USA that she decided she wanted to nurse in this field. Returning back to the UK Zoë qualified as a Learning Disability Nurse in 1993.

Feeling she wanted more out of nursing and a different challenge she enrolled in a distant learning course in Mental Health Nursing. Zoë qualified in 2005. In 2007 she emigrated to New Zealand from the UK. In 2013 a few months before her 50th birthday an incident happened at work, she carried on not knowing the affect it would have on her. As she was preparing for a trip around theworld she had other things on her mind. Gradually she silently withdrew until reality kicked in knocking her on her backside in 2016 I was depressed for 2.5 years without even knowing, it affected my functioning in all areas of my life. It took just as long to regain it all back.

A message I would love to share, there is hope amongst the darkness. My experience of beingdepressed and the thoughts and feelings that come with it and as well as wanting to end my life, has made me I hope a more empathetic nurse, the funny thing is I still love my job, seeing people recover is one of the best things. It wasn't until a ill placed six pound weight accidentally bounced off my shin and bruised my big toe that I realised suicide was not an option for me, it was extremely painful!
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