L. Merril

The Witch of Three Swords

Reina Del'aqua is the laughing stock of her Witchery class. She's the daughter of an esteemed Wizarding University professor, but she's failing every subject and she's destined to suffer the humiliation of summer classes. The annual Witchery Contest is Reina's last chance to prove herself and avoid summer school. Reina tries to earn contest points, but her spells keep coming out wrong.While trying to fix her mistakes, Reina is kidnapped by Cantus, a boy with a sick mother and a story about a troll invasion. Reina sets out to stop the troll invasion, heal Cantus' mother and fix her blunders before the end of the Witchery Contest. She's determined to save Three Swords and avoid summer school, even if she has to defend the entire town herself.
114 printed pages
Original publication
Maja Hampson



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