Veronica Sloan

Mom, Will You Take My Virginity

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Joan hasn't been with a man in four years, and it's made her a little lonely and very horny. When she discovers that her handsome son Lucas is just as endowed as her late husband, this single mother starts to get very un-motherly thoughts! Excited by his mother's attention, Lucas has just one special request: “Mom, will you take my virginity?”

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

What would my girlfriends do, I wondered. Pamela would say do nothing. She was the most conservative among us. She hated to think of her daughter going out with boys, even though we'd all done it at her age. I remember the first time a boy had taken my clothes off and fumbled around with my body. It had been awkward and uncomfortable in the back of his chevy, but it was thrilling, too. I doubted Lucas had even gotten that far.

His father, he had lost his virginity very young, and to a much older woman. That's the kind of man Alex was. Alex was a sexual athlete, a conqueror, a bold and exciting lover. But at the same age Alex was experiencing the miracle of life, his son was watching his father smash to pieces on the 405.

I swallowed around the lump in my throat at the bitter memory of it all. Lucas's year in recovery had cost him so many important social moments — bonding with his fellow men, asking girls on dates, sweaty dances under dim lights. When he left the hospital, he wasn't a boy anymore. He didn't see the point in grab-assing or sweaty dances, he just wanted to make it through life alive.

He didn't know what he was missing, I told him a thousand times. He had to do these things or soon he'd feel the world was passing him by. It took a year or two of raging hormones for him to see the truth in that. But now he was in the final months of his senior year and his frustrations compounded every day. I could see the toll it was taking on him. His excellent grades were faltering, he was reluctant to go to work, and his gentle features were marred by dark clouds. I wanted to help him.

How could I help him?

Another groan rolled off his lips. It pained me to hear him like that. His arousal had not lessened. It had grown until it shivered with the beat of his pulse. I knew that it was the source of his unconscious discomfort. A wild thought ran through my head, but I warned myself against it.

What would my girlfriends do? Would any mother dare to give her son sexual relief? What if he deserved it? What if he needed it?

What if I needed it?

It had been so long since I'd had a man under me, or on top of me, or anywhere inside me. I was young, I needed something in my life apart from work and my home. I briefly tried dating again, but my Alex was one in ten million. No lover fulfilled me the way he had, no conversation enthralled me the way his did. It had been a long, long time since I'd been intimate with anyone, and seeing Lucas's… Seeing him aroused unlocked doors inside my body I wanted to keep shut.

My hands moved as if controlled by a force outside my body. I watched as my fingertips grazed his muscular thighs. His muscles twitched. Another groan escaped my son's throat, but this one sounded very different. “Lucas?” I whispered. I whispered his name again, but received no reply. He was still asleep.

I licked my lips in preparation. What would my girlfriends think, if I told them the thoughts running through my mind in that instant? Could they read behind the lines, suss out that I wanted this for more than just his benefit? That I wanted this for myself, too?
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