Jay Hawkinson

Freemasonry Threaded Through Mormonism

Although modern Freemasonry dates back to 1717 in England, the disciplined Order soon developed in America. An incident in 1926 in Batavia, New York led to a devastating upheaval that nearly destroyed Masonry in America. However, One Joseph Smith, Jr. took particular interest in all that was happening in Batavia with the Freemasons and likely thought that it would be the end of the Order. He grasped what he learned from Batavia and used his findings to develop his own religious movement in Palmyra, New York. Members of
Joseph, Jr's family were Masons. In 1930 Joseph, Jr's 584 pages “Book of Mormon” was printed and the “Church of God” became formally established. The new church drew members and established a church site in Kirtland, Ohio. Church visions quickly changed to establish the “City of Zion” for the second coming of Christ just east of Independence, Missouri. The church members followed and set roots in the new city of Zion. It was a mistaken vision because the Mormon membership rapidly grew and overtook the local government. The government retaliated and forced the Mormons out of Missouri. A Mormon Quorum had been established and was comprised of Freemasons for the most part, but at this point, some of the Quorum split off to form their own sects. The Mormon church body moved back to Illinois and established themselves in Nauvoo, Illinois on the Mississippi River. Joseph Smith, Jr, now know as Prophet Joseph Smith lead a continuously growing movement and was granted militia privilege by the governor. Notable John Browning, the gunsmith, established his family in Nauvoo. Members of the church Quorum encouraged the Illinois Grand Lodge of Masonry to establish a Lodge in Nauvoo. Prophet Smith became a Mason as did every man in the colony, the largest membership base in the state. However, they defiled the Grand Lodge and were stripped of their Masonry. Surrounding citizens rose up against the Mormons, Prophet Smith, and some Quorum members were jailed and vigilantes shot and killed Prophet Smith. The Mormons were then run out of Illinois and headed west to a “New Zion” by Bringham Young. The Mormon migration was underway to Western Iowa and then beyond. The ultimate Mormon colony settled in Salt Lake City
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