Judy Friesem

Summoned by a Stroke

What do you do when one day, a stroke turns your entire world upside-down?
On a beautiful fall day in 2007, a major stroke slices through the lives of husband and wife Judy Friesem and Kim Bush, leaving Kim partially paralyzed. The blog that Judy faithfully writes throughout the four years before Kim’s death beautifully chronicles the troughs and crests of their new life and keeps them connected to their community.
This is a story about discovery, courage, and trust. Instead of the stroke dividing them, it summons Kim and Judy to their highest selves. Together, as they navigate aging alongside caregiving, their love opens a world of unparalleled abundance that touches everyone who enters. It is a story of finding the lotus in the muck.
With care, attention, and deep respect, Kim and Judy celebrate their triumphs and challenges every day, living simply and well with mindfulness, faith, humor, and grace. How do they do it? You may find yourself weeping and laughing aloud—and uncover a current of strength growing inside you as well.

225 printed pages
Original publication
Gentle Muse



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