Mike Alan

The Unofficial Aeropress Coffee Maker Recipe Book

The AeroPress can do much more than you think! We love the AeroPress so much, we wrote this independent recipe book and guide to show you exactly how to use your AeroPress to prepare barista-quality coffee and espresso drinks you can make at home!

This book combines illustrated instructions with 101 of our best, most popular coffee, espresso and tea recipes, and is written to be an independent, compatible companion book useful to anyone who owns an AeroPress!

— Unlock your Aeropress' potential for amazing coffee drinks
— Properly set up your Aeropress
— Use the correct temperature water for best results
— Use the best coffee and coffee grind for your taste
— Brew hot and cold
— Brew using the “inverted” brewing method
— Add exotic flavors to make the most amazing coffee experiences you've ever tasted!

— spilling while plunging
— unexpected silt or watery coffee
— poor results

(Scroll up and “Look Inside” for a full table of contents)

Do you own a fine coffee plunger, and are you interested in making delicious coffees and teas? Then this book is for you. All of our recipes and “how-to” tips are designed specifically to be compatible with the AeroPress and to help you get the most out of this amazing coffee maker.
86 printed pages
Original publication



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