Dejah Rice

Gunning For Your Love 2

Ace Smith is a newly high school graduate. What he thought would be a summer full of excitement, relaxation, and wild things, quickly turned into something else. He started working for Gunzz, and now his fun summer has turned into a hectic summer. What he thought would be easy money made, turned into him being the center of an investigation on Gunzz. He’s the answer to all of Agent Phil Tucker’s questions, and the agent doesn’t plan on letting up until he gets the answers he wants from his son.
Gunzayla Acker, the wife of the mayor and the queen pin of the streets, has run her operation and her double life with an iron fist. Nothing has ever knocked her off of her game. Until Agent Phil Tucker comes snooping around her home with questions and accusations. She’s used to handling any situation, but will she be able to handle this one that’s literally right at her front door?
It has been one heck of a summer with more secrets than one can ever imagine. Red flags have gone up and things are about to take a turn. But will that turn be for the best or for the worst? When secrets are revealed and people’s true identities our outed, will Ace and Gunzayla’s newfound love survive? Or will these secrets be so severe that Ace’s summer of gunning for Gunzayla’s love be a complete waste?
125 printed pages
Original publication



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