Feathers Ruffled, Daniel Blue
Daniel Blue

Feathers Ruffled

Your feathers will be ruffled after you have finished reading this if you are conservative in any way.

Feathers Ruffled is a humorous collection of lyrics, jokes, verse and limericks from the pen of Daniel Blue. It is by turns silly, naughty, smutty, filthy, over-the-top, fun, irreverent, grotesque and downright absurd. I had great fun writing this and I hope that you will have fun reading it. It is most definitely not to be taken seriously at all.

Knock knock.
Who is there?
Dainty who?
Dainty Dill.
Dainty Dill who?
Dainty Dill Icious.
Dainty Dill Icious who?
Dainty Dill Icious Doll.
Dainty Dill Icious Doll who?
Dainty Dill Icious Doll on your doorstep is desperate for a good seeing to. Now open up big man; you’ve got some work to do.

There once was a young bride from the outback
Whose husband had an incredibly hairy nut sack
OMG! That poor bride cried out in disgust
For over her lady-garden she often fussed
So she took out a razor and his fur did attack
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