Aimee Larson

The Awkward Armadillo

There are monsters that are fought every day.

You know the feeling you get when you're depressed and you want to shut off from the world? Perhaps curl up in a ball and hide under blankets. This is Armadillo Mode.

So where do I begin with my story? I have no idea. Introductions are difficult at best.

This fun, heartfelt, and sometimes sorrowful account of growing up with anxiety, depression, and social awkwardness is a journey that might reveal secrets about ourselves. The author's humor and randomness bring light to her darkest struggles in a way that's so human it resonates as you read her words.

As an anxious child trying to navigate her way through the odd instance known as life, she touches on important topics, details her personal hardships such as being labeled a Special Needs Student, grappling with speech and learning disabilities, and trying to figure out who she was amidst the chaos of depression and anxiety.

Grab a glass of tea, wine, or beer and get ready to find light in the darkness, an unexpected smile, and a story that'll turn you inside out while giving you hope.
171 printed pages
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