David Adamson

Hellish Inc

I am in chains, locked in a cell with only the light showing from one barred window. All at once the heavy door to my cell thrusts open, my master has brought two more specimens. They are tossed carelessly into my grasp, a man and woman naked, bruised bloodied scared. I strike the man nearly knocking the life out of him. I grasp the woman and threw her onto my bed, she looks horrified. I don't see her; I don't see the life she once had. I don't feel her pain, I don't sense her passion. I shove a strong sharp clawed hand into her chest. The light goes out of her eyes. I howl I pull from her chest her beating heart; it stops beating. I ripped it open that hurts me, I reach inside and fi x the mistake that was made, that's hurting me. I close the heart with needle and thread. That scares me. The sewing resembles writing. I thrust the heart back into her chest. I need a rib so I now kill the man for his rib to fix her chest and close it. I strike her chest, so the heart could start to beat again. I fell to the floor exhausted and await her life to return. Her eyes opened, that scares me. Then the light returns that scares her. She screams and jumps up. She doesn't see me and run to the window. I cannot reach my master made the chains too short. A beautiful bird sees her and she clings to it and lifts her to heaven.

85 printed pages
Original publication



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