Guram Kochi,publisher at Serebrov Boeken

Spiritual Message and Teachings of Master G. Part 2

The content of this book has been compiled with the use of the books by Konstantin Serebrov and earlier transcriptions of conversations between Vladimir Stepanov (Master G) and Konstantin Serebrov and other disciples of the School.

Chapter 1. '…Without the Path of spiritual perfection, our beautiful world is still a prison for our souls. But I, your spiritual Master, intend to escape from it and enter the higher world with a group of devoted disciples. It is for the sake of this archaeosophical expedition to other worlds, that I build a team of disciples.

In order to be useful to yourself as well as to the other participants in the expedition, you need to refine the alchemical composition of your souls. Only if you have managed this, will you be able to pass through the eye of the needle as so narrow is the entrance into the alchemical labyrinth. Being raw, full of self-importance and self-pity, you will never manage to sail between Scylla and Charybdis, of which the first is the temptations of this world and the second is the pride caused by one's illusory spiritual superiority over others. These two guardians of the threshold, standing on the verge of two worlds, will never let you into the higher worlds until you have learned:
1) to transform the coarse, heavy elements of your soul into the light, volatile elements, tending upward;
2) to perform the practices of awakening and purification; to learn to follow the commandments of Christ, like cultivating virtues in oneself and doing works of mercy;
3) to constantly remember yourself, remember the main goal of life — to reach your Higher Self and enter the Kingdom of Heaven…'
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