How to Get Married After 35, Helena Hacker Rosenberg
Helena Hacker Rosenberg

How to Get Married After 35

285 printed pages
For women thirty-five and over who don't want to leave their chances to fate, relationship consultant Helena Rosenberg — who got married in her forties — offers a concrete program to help singles maximize their opportunities for marriage. How to Get Married After Thirty-Five will help women change their course and be on their way to success — and even have fun in the process!
Whether you're looking to marry for the first time or hoping to remarry, How to Get Married After Thirty-Five guides you through the process with sensitivity and humor, and shows how to:
take personal responsibility for your lifeembrace your goals and what's in your waygrasp what you need in a partnerrecognize him once you meet himavoid men who are destructive or unmarriageablemaster the world of internet datingFinally, with wisdom and encouragement, Helena Rosenberg offers practical advice on where to find eligible men (they do exist!), how to assess a man for his marriage potential, and why marrying the man of her choice after thirty-five had almost nothing to do with luck.
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