Dan Hendrickson

Dark Glasses

The author's given name is Dan Hendrickson. As a young adult, he opted to pull on a pair of prescription sunglasses and adopt another name: Henry Rifle.That worked well enough, but only up to a point. Under that name, he wrote and self-published four books of poetry (Shooting Gallery, Bullet Train, A Bullet West and Ballistics Report). Hendrickson, on the other hand, has only written (Slacker!) The Portland Stories (also self-published), a book of short fiction.That collection was originally titled Clean Shorts.

Hendrickson is now middle-aged, with a blizzard gray beard. He's a sedate and meditative fellow, one prone to introspection. Henry Rifle is probably a little more fun, but by turns morose, often bordering on maudlin.

About life, Hendrickson will only say “Over time, our borders are erased.” He likes Gordon Sumner, Milo Bloom and Georgia O'Keeffe. He lives in the Twin Cities and is married with two children. He's also aware that 'granite carrot' sounds phallic in nature. He honestly doesn't care.
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