Hannes van Rensburg,Scott Bales

Innovation Wars

Innovation Wars confronts the emotions of innovation and explains how innovation isn’t really about new ideas, but about the people who execute them. The modern economy brings a multitude of challenges for organizations. Digital culture has taken over as a prime driver of consumer behavior, startups are continuously disrupting traditional industries, and organizations are going out of business as a rising number have announced intentions to launch innovation labs or partner with nimbler organizations. The economy has evolved into a battlefield, full of attempts, failures, and successes.
Innovation Wars provides new business designs, new tools, and new frameworks for today’s leaders to steer their organization towards success. Technology guru Scott Bales looks at the models of successful organizations, mapping out a strategic roadmap to success with a fresh take on the nature of innovation. He guides business leaders through a journey of self-reflection on their way to experimentation and value proposition discovery. Readers are given practical tools they can apply in their current organization to reduce the guess work in strategy and market success. They learn to do things the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon have done time and time again: harness the power of their voice to find new ways to solve old problems and unlock market frustration.
228 printed pages
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