Jeffery Chin,Majeed Khader,Denise Dillon,Loo Seng Neo,Xingyu Ken Chen

How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic

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The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is one of the challenges the world is facing right now. It has seen an unparalleled spread within a short span of time, and claimed victims in many parts of the world. As the number of confirmed cases skyrockets exponentially, a recent surge of 'bad' behaviours such as xenophobia attacks, propagation of misinformation, and panic-buying of essential items have become increasingly commonplace. Panic and chaos reigned as the world witnessed unprecedented moves by countries to close their borders and implement strict quarantine orders in a desperate attempt to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.COVID-19 has impacted many different aspects of society, from politics and economics to the psychological well-being of citizens, and the list will continue to grow as the spread of the coronavirus persist. While it is impossible to fathom the way COVID-19 will change our usual way of life, there are prevailing concerns that the community currently faces. What are the psychological impacts of a pandemic? How do we enhance the collective resilience of the community during a pandemic? How do we cope with mental health issues during a pandemic? How do we deal with bereavement during a pandemic? How can we support healthcare workers and emergency responders during a pandemic?These are just some of many important concerns that influence the way we cope with the COVID-19 outbreak. There is therefore an urgent need to enhance our understanding and level of preparedness against Covid-19 and pandemic in general. To that end, this edited book, How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic: Behavioural Sciences Insights for Practitioners and Policymakers aims to examine the impacts pandemic have on our society from a behavioural sciences perspective, and to identify solutions that practitioners and policymakers can adopt to combat the spread of COVID-19 in this new operating environment.Contents: About the EditorsAbout the ContributorsAcknowledgementsIntroduction: How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic: Behavioural Sciences Insights for Practitioners and Policymakers (Xingyu Ken Chen, Loo Seng Neo, and Jeffery Chin)Societal Resilience Related Issues:A Journal of the COVID Year: What Can We Learn from Previous Pandemics? (Denise Dillon and Ghee Kian Koh)What are the Economic Impacts of a Pandemic? (Jose M L Montesclaros)Enhancing Collective Community Resilience Throughout a Pandemic: Insights from Singapore (Pamela Goh)Mitigating the Social Pandemic of Xenophobia During COVID-19 (Nur Aisyah Abdul Rahman)Psychological Well-Being Related Issues:How to Cope with Mental Health Issues During a Pandemic (Cherie Chan and Adrian Toh)How to Support People with Mental Health Conditions During a Pandemic (Jonathan Han Loong Kuek)Coping with COVID-19: The Role of Religion in Times of Crisis (Jonathan E Ramsay)Supporting and Coping with Bereavement During and Post-Pandemic (Andy Hau Yan Ho, Oindrila Dutta, Paul Victor Patinadan, and Geraldine Tan-Ho)Digital Communication Related Issues:The Role of Social Media During a Pandemic (Dymples Leong)Managing the Spread of Misinformation During COVID-19 (Xingyu Ken Chen)Maintaining Cyber Well-Being During a Pandemic (Jessie Janny Thenarianto)Crisis Management and Communication During a Pandemic: Some Thoughts (Damien D Cheong and Stephanie Neubronner)Organisational Related Issues:How to Enhance Organisational Functioning in a Pandemic: COVID-19 Lessons in Leadership (Paul Englert)Sustaining Team Morale Amidst a Pandemic: Lessons from COVID-19 (Minzheng Hou)Telecommuting During a Pandemic: Tips for Parents and Caregivers of the Elderly (Vivian Seah, John Yu, and Whistine Chai)Non-compliance with COVID-19 Safe Distancing Measures: Tips from Crisis Negotiators to De-escalate Situations (Xingyu Ken Chen, Nur Aisyah Abdul Rahman, and Shannon Ng) Future Directions:Surviving the Next Pandemic: Lessons for Humanity (Majeed Khader)
Readership: Academic/Researcher, Industry/Practitioner/Clinician, Government, Undergraduate student, General reader interested in public policy, policymaking, crisis management, pandemics. COVID-19;Pandemic;Behavioural Sciences;Psychology;Psychological impact of Pandemics;Mental Health;Coping;Grief;Community Resilience;Crisis Communications;Xenophobia;Economic impact of COVID-190Key Features:It provides an Asian perspective to the topic of COVID-19 and the pandemic in generalIt will be written in a concise, reader-friendly manner where each chapter will focus on a particular question of interest, and within it, identify solutions that can address the concernIt will draw on the experiences and expertise of the contributors who, in their line of work, have contributed to the fight against COVID-19; such knowledge can provide a practitioner point of view towards pandemic in general, which is currently lacking in the literatureIt will provide valuable insights about the COVID-19 pandemic, and offers up-to-date standpoints about interventions to mitigate the issues brought forth by the coronavirus. By doing so, it will enhance the readers' understanding about the measures that are implemented for COVID-19 in Singapore
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