Veronica Sloan

The Futanari's Gigolo

Eddie is a handsome young gigolo who
specializes in pleasing older women. His latest assignment, escorting a foxy
cougar with a taste for BDSM, was supposed to be a typical affair. That was until his client turned out to be his former English teacher! Ms. Robbins hates
Eddie's guts because she remembers the self-entitled pretty boy he used to be.
As the two exchange banter in her hotel's bar, however, they discover a mutual
attraction. And when Ms. Robbins reveals that she's a futanari (possessing both
male and female genitalia) that kicks Eddie's libido into overdrive. He can't
wait to be dominated by this futa cougar, and she can't wait to collar him!

Excerpt ~~~~~

I flipped my hand to wrap her fingers against my palm. “I'm not going to pressure you to do anything you don't want to do,” I said. “But I will nudge you if that's what you want.”

Gail clucked her tongue. With her free hand she brushed her nails through my dark bangs. “You really are very handsome,” she said. “What is that like?”

I grinned. “You tell me.”

“People think I'm cold. It's
not the same. You radiate warmth. Your smile… If I didn't know you, if you
were just a face in a crowd, I'd want this. You ride the line between masculine
and that stupid metro thing. I'm just somebody's mean old mommy.”

I kissed her knuckles. “Do you want me to call you that?”

“No!” she groaned.
“God, no. Are you kidding me? I could barely stand kids as a teacher. And that's not what gets me off.”

I leaned into her knees and propped
up my chin. “Oh, go on.”

She laughed, and mimed choking me.
But when she was done with her angry hand gestures she was holding my face in her palms. Her chin trembled as she formed the words in her mind, and when she was finally ready she licked her lips. “Eddie,” her shaky voice
confessed, “I have a man's…part.”

This is the part I'm good at.

What would you do? Would you laugh?
Right in those big, wet eyes? To that quivering chin? Would the incongruity of her heartbreaking face and her ridiculous statement shock you to laughter?
Would that unexpected confession revolt you? Scare you?

I gazed into her eyes, my expression
unchanged. “So?”

Gail sniffed in alarm. She wiped her palm to her nostril, to her eye. “I'm not joking!”

“I didn't think you were.”

She gushed out a nervous laugh, and grabbed my cheeks again. “No, Eddie, I…I have one. I mean it.”

“And I believe you,” I

“So…” She leaned in,
searching my eyes. “So, what do you think of that?”

“I can understand why you're
into pegging,” I said. “Now, is it where I think it is or is it on
the back of your knee or something?”

She shoved me back. “Eddie!

I took her hands in my own and
rested them on her bare knees. “So you have a man's anatomy. Anything else
I should know?”

“Um…” she stammered. She had not expected me to take this so well.

In point of fact, it was not the
strangest thing I'd heard. I once met an escort who specialized in roleplaying
as a dinosaur. You wouldn't think there'd be a market for that but he's killing
it on the east side.

“Maybe I can help,” I
said. “How do you classify yourself? Are you transgender?

“No, no,” she said.
“I'm a woman,” she said. “I mean, I identify as a woman and I'm
only attracted to men. But I'm…I have both.”

That was intriguing.

“I have all the sexual organs,
and they all work.” She squeezed my fingers. “I don't understand why you're not shocked.”

“I can answer that two ways,” I said. “One more professionally, one personally.”

She furrowed her brow.

“Professionally, I'm in the sex business. Sex is my business. I wouldn't be very good at my job if new kinks
and encounters bothered me. I like new things. That's why I do what I do.”

A small smile. “I like that. No one's ever told me that.”

“You haven't been with the right kind of escorts.”

“I haven't been doing this that
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