Roc Bottomly


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As you compare your story with those in the Bible, do you sense there should be more to your life with God than you are experiencing? Do you sense something is missing? Do you sense God seems more distant and life more powerless than what is promised? If so, you are one of many.
To protect ourselves from the errors and excesses that often swirl around supernatural experience, many of us in the Bible-loving Church have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. We have inadvertently cut ourselves off from much of the promised power of the Holy Spirit. In— deed, out of fear, skepticism, and misinformation we have reduced to a trickle many of the spigots through which God pours out the Spirit’s power and provides essential experience with Him.
Let author and pastor Roc Bottomly help you turn the spigots back on.
More! is written to encourage you to live by both the truth of the Bible and the power of the Spirit. It is written to all of us who love the Bible to encourage us to pursue the full measure of the power of the Holy Spirit promised in the Book we love… and in the process experience God in a way that invigorates life and ministry.
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