Jacqueline Rainey

Toni's Blues – MFE-C

In every woman’s heart there is a place for a special man; the key is finding our soul mate in this world. Toni was always in search of love, but somehow she kept choosing the wrong men.Toni is a beautiful songwriter who has been very successful at writing love songs, but finds herself at one of the lowest points in her life because of her own unsuccessful search for love.This last abusive relationship has stripped her of her remaining self-esteem and the sense of who she is as a woman. She finds herself on the floor, remembering everything she has allowed this man to take from her, including her freedom. While she is on the floor, Toni starts to evaluate her life and her choices in men. So begins her journey of redemption and the essence of Toni’s Blues."How hard is it to recognize a fallen woman not on the floor? Shouldn’t it be obvious as if to be falling in slow motion, even her tears will fall slowly, but her cries won’t be soft? Every piece of her touched and bruised; heart tender to the touch. Here I sit, bruised pieces of me."Love can truly make us blind to the reality that there never really was any love there to begin with.
142 printed pages

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