Hector Luis Bonilla

The Time Before the Sun

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Author searches the past of Earth, this solar system’s, and humanity’s. In his mind, if we are to forge a successful future, we must heed the Mesopotamian warning: In the Past the Future is Hidden.
This is the first Bonilla book with the Our Hom Update ignition chapter. Other titles will follow. Our Hom means our human origin moons. Venus, Earth, Mars, and Heaven are our four human origin moons.

Moon Heaven is no longer with us. She escaped the solar system as part of the Nibiru lunar system.

Our Hom reveals original content from the author’s 37-year-research dealing with the remote past of this solar system, including certain aspects of what he believes are our true multi-lunar human origin worlds.

Our human origin moons have only one mission: to produce the Harvest. This mission is proceeding as you read. At the end of the day, only one thing matters: that you understand your position on the Harvest. You will travel well if you do.

We at Our Homhttps://hespesky.com — are pitching the idea that the Harvest is consistent with the existence of the spirit, where the spirit is an electromagnetic being with more pure physical aspects than the flesh. Here eternity becomes the ruler of the Entire Total of Everything. Our Hom is convinced that everything is eternal, including life.

Of course, you first must understand that moon Mercury, moon Venus, the Moon, moon Earth, and moon Mars must be recent sun captures (≤ 3,000 years)
We have also included a few revised chapters from the author’s best seller book, The Lost Planet of Enki. He urges the reader to pay close attention to the following…
Lightning, hurricanes, and tornadoes are the kisses the atmosphere of Earth is giving to her ever-evolving surface. Think of this as a celestial wedding where we are forcibly invited.

The people that claim they know what is happening here are calling their knowledge “human-made climate change.” This is completely wrong. Our Hom indicates that Earth is growing bigger and bigger. Getting hotter and hotter. This book will begin to tell you how this is taking place: How Earth is getting ready to become awfully bad for ground gardening. And, if we cannot tell you everything here, you will be directed to hespesky.com where all the right information is located.
Warning: Do not attach your heart to material things. They will all be gone. You will certainly suffer more if you put your love on what you build. Everything that you have, and love, which is of this Earth, must remain of this Earth.
Do not pray that we are wrong. Praying will do you no good. Asking for God’s help will be futile. Earth’s destiny as a developing celestial body is unstoppable. Just see everything different. Earth is a farm. We are the produce. The spirit is the farmer. The universe is the market. You are seeing the Harvest going on from sunup to sundown. From East to West. From North to South. From birth to…

So, are you ready to fly to The Time Before the Sun?
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