Rose Schmidt

The Wayfaring Swan

Liana Taylor knows agreeing with her meddling mother is a terrible idea. Trapped together on an antique schooner is no way to spend a vacation. She is finally in control of her life and will not play a part in her mother’s happily ever after plans. Forming an alliance with the handsome flirt she has repeatedly rejected means letting go of a painful past. It is the only way for her to escape.

Fate has given Taron Royce another chance at happiness. The woman he rescued is on board his ship. The catch is that he has only two weeks to win her heart. Outsmarting Liana’s exasperating mother is simple enough, but ensuring Liana does not get hurt in the process means becoming the man he used to be. It is a journey he is ready to begin.

What happens when hilarious and outrageous adventures turn into real life drama in the Florida Keys? It is an action packed race for survival as secrets are revealed and the bonds of love are tested.

328 printed pages
Original publication
Rose Schmidt



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