Prem Kutowaroo

The Streetwalker and the Odd Shoe

Mark was being abused by his own father for some reasons he  had yet to find out. When he reached the age of fourteen and  still being abused, he thought enough was enough and had no  option than to leave home for no specific destination.
As he left home, he had two links to remind him of home. Firstly,
there was his step brother who became attached to him, yet
he could not help Mark during his bad days nor was he able to
keep in touch with him. The second link was an ornamental shoe
which played an important role in his life.
Mark was naive and immature. He became a streetwalker. In
his own ways, he made his plans to survive the hardship he
encountered mainly in the city of London. He was in search of
love and, in the process, he became haggard, had long knotted
hair and beard. Despite continuous hardship, he kept his faith in
God and hoped he would see the light at the end of the tunnel
although he was not sure whether that could ever happen. Did
the light appear at all?

451 printed pages
Original publication



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