Samantha LaCroix

Family Incest Bundle #9

It's time for some hot virgin tramps to get taken by their daddies!

These little tramps just love taking their daddy's hard shaft and getting banged with it! Then they get their holes pumped full as they come all over their daddies!

Betcha can't read just one!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Devon walks into the dining room, carrying the strings of eighteen balloons.

“Here you go, birthday girl!” he says to Sophia, his daughter.

Sophia lights up with delight.

“Oh daddy, you shouldn't have!” she says as he hands her the strings. She smiles up at them before tying them to the back of the chair.

“Mmm,” Sophia says, reaching for her cake and sliding a finger through the frosting. Her daddy watches as she brings that finger to her mouth and sucks the sugary sweetness off of it.

“That's good,” she says once she's eaten it all. She gives him a wink.

Sophia secretly sneaks glances at her daddy when he won't notice…checking out his strong arms, the way his hard chest shows through the t-shirt he's wearing.

And she's been living with him long enough to have accidentally seen him in the shower. She knows what he's got hidden down between his legs, and it's enough to make a virgin like her squirm with anticipation and delight.

“You know,” Devon says, stepping up to his little girl. “I don't want to give anything away, but that one right there is the best present.”

He points to one particular package on the table. Sophia looks at it and smiles, then looks back at him, smiling up into his eyes.

“Oh yeah?” she asks. “Well I'll have to open that one last, now won't I?”

Devon smiles back at his daughter.

“You know, daddy,” Sophia says. «I…I think I have to tell you something.”

“Oh?” Devon asks his daughter, raising an eyebrow. “What's that?”

«Well…" she says. «It's just that…that I'm a virgin.»

Devon doesn't say anything at first. She sees him take a long, deep breath in and let it out.

“And why did you want to tell me that?” he asks.

Sophia bites her lower lip as she looks up into her daddy's eyes.

Sophia swallows.

«Daddy…" she says, her voice sounding more breathy than usual.
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