Barbara Cartland

White Lilac

  • Abegail Peru Bruseshas quoted2 years ago
    “Despite all I have heard about your instinct, you ran away from me, although Fate meant you to marry the Duke of Marazion.”
  • fatimahj07has quoted5 years ago
    No, not that,” she said. “It’s just that if an animal is killed for a reasonable purpose, then it must be done humanely and cause as little pain as possible. I don’t think it matters if any of us die, because death is immaterial. What is wrong is suffering and pain! An animal or a bird that is wounded suffers in the same way as we do.”
  • fatimahj07has quoted5 years ago
    “You are not one of those new thinkers,” he asked, “who I hear are ranting against the killing of animals as if they were Buddhists and think the whole population should eat grass!”
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