Lisa Rials

A Dance with Shadows

Every night, Ember Holland slips blissfully into her subconscious; dreaming of vivid landscapes and enchanting creatures. Freely dreaming of a world of radiance, she's safe, fearless — until she finds mysterious shadows stalking the edges of her lands. She's convinced it's only a nightmare, a mere figment of her imagination. Nothing that could truly hurt her.
That is, until the night she's stolen from her dream in a veil of shadow.

Thrust into a world of terror, Ember will need to quickly learn to fight in order to survive. Bound by an estranged King thirsty for revenge, a Prince with a mysterious past, and a wicked plot to kill a Queen, she is forced to walk among the shadows that once plagued her dreams. As an ancient power stirs beneath the Kingdom of Nightmares, the sands of time race quickly against her favor, challenging Ember to fight for her life at every turn. Forged into a deadly blade, she learns to use her true nature to her advantage — keeping her blade sharp, and her mind sharper.

371 printed pages
Original publication
Lisa Rials



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