Adam's Daughter

Adam's Daughter is the first book in the four-part series There Are no Mirrors in Heaven. By probing deeply into clues from our past and the teachings of varied spiritual practices, it forges links between science and religion. The book dovetails the death of time with quantum entanglement, and finds the interstitial moment where Moses meets physics, and past meets future. Adam's Daughter explains how we are quantum beings, and that the fundamental building blocks of the universe are expressed in ourselves, our families and our relationships. And it tells the story of one man's journey as he came upon this knowledge.

There Are no Mirrors in Heaven encompasses physical theorists' concept of the Simulation Hypothesis, which claims it is likely we are all living in a virtual reality. The books disclose one man's vision of how this idea lets us make sense out of everything, and how we can harness it to wake up to ourselves, repair the Earth, and go forwards.
174 printed pages
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