Jill Stengl

Myles From Anywhere

Of all the foolish things Myles Trent has ever done, falling in love with his boss's daughter is undoubtedly the worst. Everyone in town knows that Beulah will marry Al Moore someday. Everyone. But if that's true, why does Beulah seem to work so hard at attracting Myles's attention? Why does she light up whenever he is near? No matter what common sense might tell him, Myles cannot give up hope that someday Beulah Fairfield will be his. Beulah can't help admiring this mysterious hired man. What secrets does Myles hide? No one knows his past. He could be from anywhere--a bank robber or desperado. And why is Myles so bitter toward God? Surely Beulah cannot love a man who doesn't serve her Lord… yet a woman's heart seldom listens to reason. Is Beulah putting herself at risk? What happens when Myles's shadowy past draws him away from the woman he loves?
187 printed pages



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