Vasile Balaj

Do You Make These 100 Weight Loss Mistakes?

So, you really hate yourself everytime you walk on the street, because you don’t have a body that you can be proud of, or each time you take your children to the school you feel uncomfortable, because they feel embarrassed of the way you look.

Do you really want to lose weight? I know you want, but, in order to achieve this goal, you should avoid doing these 3 DANGEROUS mistakes.

1. You don’t eat eggs at breakfast! I made this mistake lots of times, and it cost me a lot. Because I was always feeling hungry, and I used to overeat many times. Like probably you are currently doing. A study of the International Journal of Obesity shows that just 2 eggs every morning at breakfast can make you feel full longer during the day.

2. Well, you do want to curb your cravings, no? According to scientists, if you want that, you should stop avoiding a 15-minute walk.

3. You’re food contains fat more than 3? Nutritionists say you should always stay away from this kind of products.
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