Joslyn L. Angus

God Emptied “Self” into a Man

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Which Jesus is the true Jesus? The one found in Judaism? In Christianity? In Islam? Which version did God invest Himself into, forming the fully divine, fully human Jesus whose sacrifice and resurrection provided salvation for the world? To this day, people question the person and nature of Jesus. Was he merely a man? Could he have been a prophet? Or might he have been, as he claimed, the very Son of God? Did he teach just as a wise rabbi, or did he fulfill all the Jewish prophets as their Messiah?
Dr. Joslyn Angus tackles the identity of Jesus Christ from all these angles and more diverse perspectives, digging for answers that have been sought for centuries. Rooting his search in the mutual history of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, he applies scientific and theological rigor to unravel the facts, helping readers grasp the eternal Yahweh and how Christ’s identity plays an essential role in the life of every living person to this day.
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