Troy Hooker

The Watcher Key

“At one time the Watchers walked the earth as humans did. They were sent to protect and guide them, even after the Darkness entered the land. The Creator’s sole passion is, and has always been, to ensure mankind’s survival…”
The Watcher Key is the opening stanza of an epic Christian Fantasy journey into a fantastic parallel world, where powerful angels have been battling Nephilim Dark Watcher foes for eons and dragons, giants and demons flourish. Based in part on the real lost Bible book of Enoch, Author Troy Hooker weaves complex teen heroes and a clean teen romance into an imaginative plot that features an intense battle of good vs evil, complemented by the maturation of the group of teenage friends.
In the land of Lior, the Darkness is rising, and Sam is caught in the middle. Abandoned by his foster parents at 15 years old, the orphan boy is sent to live with his grandfather, where he meets some unlikely people with an unusual secret … they are the descendants of immortal beings. Sam's new friends lead him to their home, where the Descendants of the Light have been battling the forces of Darkness for generations. They soon discover there is an evil plot brewing in the darkest reaches of Lior that will not only change Sam's own destiny, but also threaten the future of both worlds. Follow Sam as he uncovers the ancient mystery of the Watcher Key.
536 printed pages
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