Bryan Wood,Ryan Wood

New Money, New America

Join Bryan and Ryan Wood, better known as the NEWMONEYTWINZ, on an autobiographical journey through a loving, yet educational, upbringing into adulthood; marked with hard work, entrepreneurialism, and an unbreakable will to succeed.

The twins, born in Takoma Park, Maryland, part of the DC Metro area, have made waves across the globe through their established career and offer their wisdom throughout the pages within. 

This is not your typical, “bootstraps,” commentary as the NEWMONEYTWINZ are well attuned to the needs and misfortunes of those in many communities. Their hope in this book is that it offers a light on the opportunities that do exist. 

The journey winds its way chronologically through the lives of the twins, from their day one surprise to their current successes in the industry.

The NEWMONEYTWINZ craft their own stories into lessons that prod budding successes out of the cyclical despair that many impoverished African American's face day in and day out. 

Bryan and Ryan believe in the power of hard work and convey their message in a way that inspires innovative ways to make money and growing businesses in a post-pandemic world. 

Escape the cycle of financial restraint by creating new wealth through building a successful business. 

Join the NEWMONEYTWINZ on their odyssey of a lifetime. You may just end up starting down your own path to previously unimaginable success.

162 printed pages
Original publication



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