Ivo Fornesa

Death in Saint-Chartier

Seeking a quiet spot to write his memoirs, Laurent de Rodergues secludes himself in Saint-Chartier, a village in the heart of France where his grandfather once lived. Yet his tranquil life is soon disturbed by Carlos, an eccentric Irish-Argentine millionaire determined to give the town’s medieval château a costly and controversial makeover. Where some see a benefactor, others see a high-handed intruder whose endless renovations have left their music festival without a home. And when the château is unveiled at last, after months of anticipation, the whole town turns out to gaze in wonder — only to find their host lying dead in a pool of blood.
Laurent suspects foul play, and when the gendarmes find nothing, he makes it his mission to unmask the murderer. But where to begin? From jilted lovers to jealous rivals, disgruntled employees to shadowy associates — not to mention more than a few angry musicians — practically everyone had a reason to want Carlos dead. As Laurent quickly learns, beneath its idyllic façade, the town of Saint-Chartier is rife with resentment and secret passions.
360 printed pages
Original publication
Busby Allison
Allen Young


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