Ray Piña

Where Are The Halos

The Catholic-school-boy son of a Cuban American cocaine wholesaler in Newark, New Jersey. Motherless.

The ex-football captain, young Karate black belt who saw through the façade of the American Dream.  A Generation X college grad who'd rather surf, pursue a sense of personal, spiritual and artistic freedom then commit to a 9 a.m.— to 5 p.m. reality… a fool. A fool to pursue literature.  A fool to realize too late that one can neither eat nor sleep comfortably under a roof of ideals.

Loading trucks.
Two-bit journalism for the Hearst organization with a side of outdoor cannabis cultivation.

… cage fighting as a viable alternative?

No. Once the Paris Hilton “That's hot” consciousness completely engulfed the mindset of desirable New York female forms … once war and corruption was no longer something to fear but enjoy as entertainment on CNN … a strategic retreat to Puerto Rico. Third-world living. Large wave surfing. A front-row seat to new madness. A clearer perspective.

214 printed pages
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