Marcus Calvert


There's a difference between “feeling” safe and “being” safe.
The first is based on perception. The second is based in reality.

This third collection of 36 short stories has a sub-genre tale for anyone who likes sci-fi. From time travel to modern-day mysticism, each tale is about something or someone in need of protecting.

For example:

A gorgon has to protect his race — and himself — from a ruthless serial killer.

A feudal samurai must defend a godmaking jewel from any would-be thieves.

The figment of an architect's imagination looks after his creator's interests by killing anyone who causes him distress.

As you can imagine, these stories are not . . . nice. Funny, devious and creative, yes. But not nice.

So please read on and enjoy the hidden side of the protective arts.
370 printed pages
Original publication


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