Enemy Space: The War of Syzygy, Brent Dorian Carpenter
Brent Dorian Carpenter

Enemy Space: The War of Syzygy

World War III was not the end of humanity—but climate change from four nukes set Earth on her final march to Doomsday. Faced with catastrophe, the elite seek flight to higher ground, a scramble into space toward salvation, planet Mars.

This new Martian Singularity Society conquers the Red Planet through terraformation, and cracks the genetic secret of immortality as well. A new world is created, a billionaires club ruled by the imperious Prime Regent Crock. These immortal super-humans now turn their backs on the doomed hordes left behind.

Now in 2098, a group of American anarchists conspires to take the cities of Mars by force. Led by hotshot pilot Major Darius Palladin, a defector from the Martian Space Force, the Earthling strike team launches a daring assault on his Luna base to steal the starship Spheeris and turn the tide of upcoming battle.

As the two planets move into syzygy alignment, the stage is set for Mankind's first Interplanetary War. Earth versus Mars—and the Martians are us.
586 printed pages
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