Christina Moss


Seventeen-year-old Julie from Southern California meets Seth a human from another world, and her life is flipped upside-down. Seth looks every inch the average Earthling, but the life of this other-world, rock-star royal is anything but. Their meeting sets off a chain of events that sends them around the globe and hurtling across the galaxy at light speed. Between desperate rescues and facing down evil aliens, Julie must correct a galactic injustice that could forever change the future of humanity.

INTWINE is a unique and heart-felt Science Fiction series that is both down-to-Earth and exploding with action, space travel, new technologies and plot twists. It's a coming of age adventure with a cast of lovable and well-developed characters who add to the vibrancy of this series. The INTWINE Series is highly praised for its smooth-flowing story line, richly described scenes and vivid page-turning adventures.
305 printed pages
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