Dudley Clarence Sturgis IV

Demoncradle: The Nightmare Horsemen and Pandora's Music Box

The heroes find themselves at the end of the world, or more specifically, the Spirit Realm. Using a new kind of demon as his main weapon, Aztine is destroying Mystikah. A group of new heroes are sent on a quest to America, to stop Aztine from becoming president. With that kind of power, he will become the next great dictator.

By a mishap, they are sent into the future, where Aztine has already become the president of the United States. Along with other dictators around the world, he has forged a new religion: Aztinian Christianity.

With new laws against womens' rights, racial equality and the executions of people for simply not being heterosexual, Aztine has destroyed the world. Countless people lost their lives and the small group of heroes, led by the android, Bifrost, are the only survivors of magic.

Can they save America? Or is it too late?
592 printed pages
Original publication


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