Rose Yeatman Woolf

Animal Legends from Many Lands

These fables from around the world recount the adventures of animals that not only can talk but also possess other all-too-human traits. A dozen full-color plates and numerous black-and-white drawings illustrate traditional stories of vice punished and virtue rewarded, including tales of a tortoise that couldn't hold her tongue, a discontented cat, a rabbit that saved his country, and other curious creatures.In «Reynard the Fox," the notorious trickster joins forces with a wolf until his partner's greed drives Reynard to seek revenge. «The Butterfly and the Crane," a tale from Fiji, involves a race to a remote island, and the Flemish legend “The Angel Artist” tells how birds developed their bright feathers. “Zum, Zum, Ziss,” “The Raven's Revenge,” “The Camel's Neck,” and other time-honored parables provide captivating entertainment for readers of all ages.
209 printed pages
Original publication


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