Angelo Aulisa

Lu samadhi

Lu samadhi self help non fiction is a inner guide to meditation inner being witness consciousness mirror like quality inner universal consciousness,awareness through meditation you rediscover your original inner being witness consciousness

mirror like quality inner consciousness, it happen simultaneous, in the present in the moment a quantum leap into the vertical dimension of deeper and higher of your soul inner being and you have the experience of your inner being of your witness consciousness mirror like quality, inner consciousness awareness of non being incorporeal body that is timeless mindless space less, forms less in a word of eternity itself meaning no begin no end that is just an open relativity not absolute at all just an opening endless no size it vanish into infinity eternity is infinite freedom from all and everything time space forms duality of mind and dialectics of opposite complementary just freedom the true real freedom is infinite bliss silence within intrinsic zest peace ….welcome thank you Angelo Aulisa
151 printed pages


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