Holly Glenn Whitaker

Quit Like a Woman

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'A brilliantly clever, meticulously researched, fearless, snort-out-loud funny read that grabs you and won't let go' Catherine Gray
We live in a world obsessed with drinking. We drink at work events, lunches, book clubs and weddings. Yet no one ever questions alcohol's ubiquity. In fact, the only thing ever questions is why people don't drink. It is a qualifier for belonging. As a society, we are obsessed with health and wellness, yet we uphold alcohol as some sort of magic elixir. It is anything but.
When Holly Whitaker started to look for a way to recover, the support systems she found for recovery where archaic and patriarchal. Urging drinkers towards a newfound humility is great if you're a man, but if you're a woman and not in a position to renounce privileges you never had, a whole other approach is needed.
She embarked on a journey that led not only to her own sobriety, but revealed the insidious role alcohol plays in our society and in the lives of women in particular. What's more, she could not ignore the ways that alcohol companies were targeting women, just as the tobacco industry had successfully done generations before.
Honest, witty and trenchant, Quit Like a Woman is at once a ground-breaking look at drinking culture, a call to arms, and a celebration of learning how to claim everything life has to offer.
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    csruthgeorginahas quoted4 months ago
    I could just get more discipline or be more perfect—then it would all work out. It would all snap into place
    lolwhathas quoted6 months ago
    Lying on the floor of my studio apartment in my underwear, hair tousled and eyes wet, staring at the ceiling, taking long, thoughtful drags off my cigarette to convey a level of pain in the mid-aughts was straight out of the 1930s American Tobacco playbook. In a letter to Hollywood producers and directors, the head of PR for the company behind Lucky Strike (and the father of modern public relations), Edward Bernays, urged them to incorporate cigarettes into films:
    A great deal can be said with a cigarette which would ordinarily require a great many words to express….The bashful hero lights a cigarette, the better to gain hold of himself in this trying interview with his father-in-law. The villain makes hasty puffs to hide his nervousness or to ease his consciousness.
    Bernays literally taught Hollywood how to use a cigarette as a prop, because he inherently understood that new smokers couldn’t be recruited directly from a print ad. New smokers needed to believe they were choosing a behavior to define themselves; they needed to believe that they, too, could only truly convey their emotions, their individualism, their rebellion, through a cigarette.
    Majo Sandovalhas quoted7 months ago
    the thing about truth is once you know it, you can never un-know it.

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