Four Core Fiction

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Getting to the Heart of Story
Every story has a moment we're waiting for-a climactic scene that sends an electric pulse of emotion through us-a moment of catharsis. In the Story Grid Universe, we've analyzed hundreds of stories looking for the source of that electricity. And now we've gotten to the heart of the matter in what we're calling the Four Core Framework: A core need satisfied or denied through the change of a core value in a core event that elicits a core emotion.
In this collection of twelve original works of fiction-one for each of our twelve story genres-we showcase the core events that make an audience gasp, sigh, or cry when they experience the emotional release they seek.
This anthology was written and edited by intrepid members of our Story Grid community inspired by the core events of masterworks in each genre. We hope it will encourage writers to explore new ways to improve their craft and captivate readers.

Stories by Genre
Action: Goliath Approaches by Leslie Watts, edited by Rachelle Ramirez
War: The Confession by Tim Grahl, edited by Valerie Francis
Horror: Outpost 5 by J. Thorn, edited by Ira Heinichen
Crime:  Let Justice Prevail by Mark McGinn, edited by Leslie Watts
Thriller: X Pass by Rebekah Olson, edited by Randall Surles
Western: High Plains Migration by Shelley Sperry, edited by Larry Pass
Love: I Brush My Teeth Left-Handed and Other Reasons You Should Date Me by Rebecca Monterusso, Edited by Danielle Kiowski
Performance: Jaws by Courtney Harrell, edited by Melanie Naumann
Society: Above All Else by Shawn Coyne, edited by Tim Grahl
Status:  The Good Daughter by Rachelle Ramirez, edited by Anne Hawley
Morality: An Artist's Test by Kimberly Kessler, edited by Abigail K Perry
Worldview: Elixir by Julia Blair, edited by Catherine Lunardon
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