Nigel Clayton


This is the story of a man on walkabout, trekking the centre of Australia some 60,000 years
ago. The adventures open the door to myths and legends of Aboriginal society as never read
before. The myths, legends and wonders of Aboriginal society are many and vast, passed on
by word of mouth for tens of thousands of years.

If we assume that the 'religion' of these people dates back so far then we have to assume that
creatures such as the diprotodon, megalania, and thylacoleo, just to name a few, are forever
present in their myths and legend. But there are indicators to show that the religion does not
date back so far, or in the least, that religion was an on-going form of practice, for the dingo
[which only dates back some 5,000 years] seems to be rather active in ritual and common
place amongst some myths and legends.

Whether these stories have changed over the years [as word mouth is hard to secure as a
source of historical worth] or not, I have taken the liberty, whether justly or otherwise, to put
it into story form, so that there appears to be a more rudiment meaning to the entire
development of Aboriginal Dreamtime, which is an eternal way of life and carries with it
many sacred meanings.

I can only hope that I have created no ill-will, for my intentions are to provide others with the
joy of understanding in a way which is more effortless then simply passing over one myth
after another in a big thick book.

Kulinma! Ngulakujaku-kula!
This book might contain names of people who have since departed this world
182 printed pages
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