If Only

Indulge in L. Sherman's novella and follow news reporter, Cora, and photographer, Julian. In these times, where travel is not an option, we can always travel in books, and L. Sherman is sending us on tour. She hopes you come prepared.

The story is set in beautiful Kenya, Mombasa, where we follow Cora and Julian. Cora Green has returned to Africa and has a plan to work on a story lead. Julian is a freelance photographer and assigned to her for the next month.

Things will, without a doubt, heat up between our two protagonists involving a wager, a free pass, travels to faraway destinations, and two restless souls with the world as their workplace.

Enjoy Cora and Julian's encounter in beautiful Mombasa, Kenya. Let’s send them on a trip, they know nothing about yet.

And so the story begins.


“Asante sana. Karibu.”
«Habari, Willy. Thank you for taking me home.” I winked at him as he took my suitcase and placed it in the trunk. The suitcase held all my dearest possessions. “My Life In a Suitcase” could be the headline if I were to write a biography instead of reporting news from the corners of the world. Thirty-seven years old and rootless. I leaned my head against the window and let the nightlife in the streets of Mombasa pass by. People were always walking in Africa, from dusk till dawn and everywhere. This was my Africa. It felt like coming home. More than anywhere else, this was my place. I started whistling, «The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.
“Let's hope he does, Bibi.”

“We have your room ready for you, Miss Green.”
I took my key card and snuck a last peek at the loud group. My eyes collided with a pair of bright green eyes. The man had just stood up. As my gaze swept over him, his eyes traveled my body from head to toe. He was handsome in a rugged way. His T-shirt rose as he tried to climb over two chairs and a sliver of toned muscles teased my eyes, which were still firmly planted on him. A freaking happy trail went from his belly button and farther down to where… Oh. My. Fucking. God.
“Don't look at his crotch!” I whispered angrily to myself. Embarrassed, I finally managed to remove my eyes from the tall, dark stranger who had caught me with my hand way down in the cookie jar. He winked and turned around, making his way to the toilets. My mind was playing tricks with me. I was probably hallucinating from sleep deprivation, but it had been months since I'd gotten laid. I needed a good romp…and preferably soon.
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